Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Return policies of retailers

Modern retailers put in a great deal of efforts to see that buying becomes a thrilling, exciting and pleasant experience for all. But once an item is bought the retailers are more than reluctant to take them back and give a refund. In fact most of them make the return process a bit cumbersome so that many of the dis-satisfied buyers do not go for it. has done a survey and rated the famous retailers on the basis of their goods-return policies. The first three are featured here.


Policy: Allows customers to return goods within 180 days of purchase.

Fine Print: Company tracks good through stickers, enabling sales people to look up receipts for customers who have lost them, according to spokesman Jim Sluzewski.

Grade: A

Why: Policy is generous and flexible.


Policy: Shoppers with an original receipt are eligible for full refunds or an even exchange. There is no time limit for returns.

Fine Print: Customers without receipts and those with gift receipts will be granted an even exchange or Kohl’s merchandise credit for returned items.

Grade: A

Why: Policy is quite generous when compared with rivals.

Barnes & Noble

Policy: Returns are accepted at stores with an original receipt for cash refund or a gift receipt for the money to be returned as a gift card.

Fine Print: No time limit is specified.

Grade: A

Why: Policy is generous.

Contributed By:
Prof. P. Guha
(Globsyn Business School)